Leaf and I were privileged to be photographed by the highly respected and talented professional photographer Kristy Walker. Her sweet, uplifting viewpoint combined with saintly patience allowed my dog and me to be relaxed and have fun during the photo session. Kristy has a masterful ability to capture marvelous, awe-inspiring images of nature, people, and animals. Her perfect photo of Leaf and me became the author photo of my memoir A Dog Named Leaf: The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life. Our editors at Lyons Press said, "Wow!" when we sent it to them. The photo so beautifully depicted the affection between Leaf and me that it also was chosen as the cover for the November-December 2012 issue of Awareness Magazine.  

Allen Anderson 


Kristy Walker has an uncanny ability to be at the right place, at the right time, to capture pictorial magic.  It’s as if the natural world waits for Kristy to appear and then delivers something we’ve not seen before with our often clumsy entrance into the wild. It’s this intersection of where camera meets heart, eye and creature, that Kristy shines. And the finely wrought detail of her images brings to life the expression and color in the plant and animal kingdoms – expressions which usually remain secret and undisclosed to the human presence. 

Barbara B., MN

Kristy, your photography is so amazing and beautiful. At least as impressive is your intimacy with nature revealed in your photographs.  

Sara Katz, Co-Founder of Herb Pharm


If Kristy's photos enable us to see, with uncanny clarity, the souls of 
animals, it is because she herself sees her subjects through the eyes of Soul.

Bob Hays, Mexico City, Mexico


Kristy’s photographs capture the heart essence of her subject. Through her camera she is able to find and hold a beauty of movement, majesty and nobility of the eagle as well as the delicacy and fragility of the tiny hummingbird.  Here at Saint John’s Retreat Center we send out many of her cards especially to those in need, they bring joy and inspiration to all who are fortunate enough to receive them, thank you Kristy! 

Reverend Jane Sorbi


I have installed some of Kristy's photography in large, gallery-wrap format in a business setting, and the response has been 100% positive.  The images of nature and animals completely transformed the space with beauty, light, color, and wonder.  Top quality and fresh perspectives of the best of Minnesota's natural treasures! 

DL, Minneapolis


Kristy Walker's photographs each capture a moment that tells a story. And the story is always about love. Her artwork is inspiring, uplifting, and framed by her unique and insightful view of the world. We have featured Kristy's photos of animals in our Photo of the Week section of the weekly online Angel Animals Day Brightener Newsletter. We wanted thousands of our subscribers around the world to have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and brilliance of Kristy's photography.     

Linda Anderson, Author, Creator of Angel Animals Network


I purchased Kristy's lovely cards, both hummingbirds and butterflies, and love them all. When I mail one, I feel I've added some extra love because her pictures are so wonderful. I also have the picture of the hummingbird featured on her website home page and placed it in my treatment room. When I glance at it during a session, I think about the reverence of the Soul I'm treating and it reminds me this is a precious Soul is loved and cherished by God.

Ann Marie Murphy, MN

Kristy’s photographs can transport the viewer into spontaneous moments of joyful oneness with her subjects in their natural environment.  There is a quiet and powerful beauty, grace, reverence, and heart-opening kinship to her work.  It is a real delight to see innate integrity and beingness at its best every day in my home via her photos.



Kristy's photos always capture the deeper essence of her subject, as if they reveal themselves to her in a special way that is beyond ordinary vision.  

Mary Carroll Moore --Artist, Author, Syndicated Columnist for LA Times


Whether a hummingbird or a morning glory, Kristy has the rare ability to capture the true spiritual essence of her subject.  To unveil each photograph is truly a sacred experience.  Time stops.  The heart skips a beat.  All one can say is, “Oh my God!"  Such beauty and Soul Recognition.  I really "love" the "experience" of your photographs! I feel like they take you inside in a way that allows you to experience more of God’s love. Pictures really do speak a thousand words!


Karen Mayr, Fulshear, TX 


Kristy's images are a stroke of poetry for the soul. They brighten my day, whether "just in the passing" or in consciously pausing to discover the new gift they'll bring to my here and now. Those eternal, fleeting moments from the "there and then," captured through her lens, always reveal a new window to the wonders of living in the present!

Cesar Garcia, MN


I fell in love with a hummingbird I saw at a spiritual art exhibit.  Only Kristy can catch the divinity in hummingbirds in this special way.  For me, hummingbirds represent Soul’s deep longing and love for God.  My daughter surprised me with not one, but four hummingbirds Kristy photographed.  They grace my room and fill me with the greatest divine love.  I am so grateful to Kristy for her unique gifts that comes through her work and photography.

Margie Mende, Independence, MO


Kristy’s pictures are pure poetry in colors!

A.P. Brazil


Kristy's work invites you into a very private and often overlooked world. The gentle play of light and color brings a smile to even the most weary spirit.

Susan Bremer, Austin TX


Your Models, (animals ,pets etc.);come to you because they know inside themselves,that there is someone behind the camera who knows they have something full of love to say ,and can catch that moment to share with others .(Impossible to forget the eyes of the deer.)

JC, Bogota,Colombia


Kristy's animals are always saying something, and as soon as you look at her pictures, you know exactly what that particular animal has to say. I have a picture of a butterfly that she took that is in my kitchen. Every day when I get home, I see it and instantly smile; she just captures every Soul in such a classic and elegant style.”

J.W., Westbury, NY


The exceptional beauty of Kristy’s photos comes from the connection that Kristy establishes with the inner being of the animals she photographs. They are somehow aware of being touched by the love of the observing eye behind the camera. Therefore we get back the presence of the love from those animals too.


Lillian Liberman,  Mexico, Producciones Nitya


I am absolutely in love with the photograph of the hearts. Truly beautiful. So vivid. I instantly felt connected to a sweet and gentle space.

A. S. Alexandria, VA


Kristy has a special way of capturing the soul of the subject.

D.G. San Diego, CA


Kristy's work has a unique sense of aliveness that sets her photographs beyond the confines of other 'professional' wildlife photography. They expertly transpose the viewer from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Viewing life through Kristy's eyes, you can pull aside the veil that normally separates humanity from other species. She makes a tangible connection, heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul so that you can feel the adventure of sharing their 'Truths' in a multitude of ways.

Donna Nunn, Somerset, England


Nature has a story to tell, and Kristy's work certainly inspires my listening. The story goes ever deeper with each of her subjects and draws me into a new and simpler world. Ultimately there is feeling of joy just from the looking.

Lynea, Hotchkiss, CO


Kristy works on the principle that animals are Soul too, just as we are.  I really like that.

Robert James, Ireland


Kristy captures the exquisite moment with her photography, allowing us to relive the moment when we look at her images of nature's nourishing power and beauty.

K. Roselli, K-Rose Productions, Oregon